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Courses, Workshops and Events

At Simply Clear Coaching, I facilitate regular workshops and courses in the Essex area, to help you with different aspects of managing your mind and life to be the best you in a Simply Clear Way. Making those shifts from achieving your goals, feeling empowered to living beyond anxiety. The events and courses are friendly, relaxed, personable, professional and transformational.

Why Choose SCC?

With each workshop and experience you will :


  • Meet others interested in wellbeing and growth
  • Build support and sense of community in a caring environment
  • Receive materials and supporting mind management audios
  • Learn to manage life's challenges with powerful tools and strategies
  • Learn to let go of anxiety and fear
  • Build your confidence, empowerment and self esteem
  • Have Fun!

Check out our up and coming courses and workshops below:

Beyond Anxiety Day course


Are you experiencing anxiety in your life and fed up with it dominating who you are and what you do?

In this 7 step weekend program, learn the steps needed to gain back control of your mind, create calm in your life and live beyond anxiety, through mindfulness and NLP.


Monthly NLP Practice Group


Do you want to learn more about NLP or practice the skills you already have?

Whether you are new to NLP or a seasoned practitioner, our monthly practice groups in Southend-on-Sea and Chelmsford, Essex, give you to the chance to learn new skills and fine tune the ones you already have, so you really can manage your mind and create the life you want.